Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Where there is no water to drink

Around the world people are working to protect their rights to health, including the right to a good supply of safe water. In Nigeria, private companies say they can provide better service than Government and still make profit. But when private companies takes control of water services,  I mean water privatization , prices often go up, forcing people to use less water than they need for good health. It is this that makes people collects water wherever they can, in as much as it is at no cost, even if the water is contaminated with germs or toxic chemicals. They really don’t care.Image result for where there is no water picture
Tap water provided by Government is not rushing and when it rushes, it is with particles and with odour often times. They say the water is clean but I know it is not safe.  You see, when people begin not to trust water from taps, those who can afford turn and buy packaged – table water or bottled water. But just because water in packaged in polythene leather or bottled does not mean it is safe. In short, in many cases this packaged or bottled water is just tap water in a bottle, but sold at a much higher price. Those packaged in polythene are referred as “Pure water” in common parlance and are often with impurities. Because of chemical reaction between the polythene and water including its exposure to sunlight, a lot of health damages is done when consumed.
Companies sell bottled water because it is very profitable. They often advertise their water products in way and banner that people think that water from tap is not healthy or good enough. That packaged or bottled bottle is cleaner.  But safe healthy piped water systems are one of the most important ways to improve health for everyone. In Europe and North America for instance; where safe water systems are the very foundation of public health, is what I envy.  I find it difficult to understand why we suffer from lack of water in Africa. Water is everywhere in my village but there is no safe water to drink any where. Water to drink is just too expensive to buy and drink satisfactorily. Yet they say water is life.    
Having enough clean water is not just enough but safe.  Safe water to live a healthy life is human rights. Protecting and fulfilling people’s rights to water in my view, could be achievable when publicly managed or community controlled water systems are put in place in Africa. Governments and communities begins to  work together to improve and extend water systems so they can provide safe and sufficient supply of water, especially for those of us most in need.  Think water, think life. Make safe water available to poor and vulnerable if you can.

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