Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Spreading Human Rights at Classrooms

Image result for picture of the judiciary       SPREADING HUMAN RIGHTS AT CLASSROOM

It is still unimaginable that so many people in Nigeria have never heard of, nor know what human rights is or are.  And this is true. Young people grow up old and live with violations of their rights everyday as if it’s a norm, in different local communities. Human rights and justice guaranty peace in any society and if checked:any where there is violence, is where there has been infringement of people’s rights, and or where justice is denied. My point however is, that hand few of people that knows their rights, barely educate others about it, nor step down the knowledge. Hence the big gap hanging.

More so, many people grow up with notion that Human Rights do not exist, and where it exist is unenforceable as justice seems to be for sale to the highest bidder, and laws are only meant for indigents. Why?

 But getting children to know about Human Rights on time can help us break cycle of wrong notions during their formative age, and rejuvenate a peaceful society where all are equal before the law, as we begin an inclusive communities where no one is leave behind.  

In Nigeria, from the North is insurgency by Boko Haram, and to the South is militancy by Niger Delta Avengers, all with tone of injustices and impunity.  Violation of Human Rights had fuel several agitations that have snowballed in emerging violence crime in today's Nigeria like insurgency, militancy, kidnapping among others. The agitation is simply for a new Nigeria, coming from violent actors from the camp of Boko Haram and Niger Delta Avengers including IPOB.

Their claim among others is that governance is highly corrupt. But could this claim be wrong and senseless? And I say No, in the wisdom that their claim of corruption is true. Corruption is a big problem in Nigeria and in other African countries. But as you know, corruption infringes on people’s Rights to Education, Right to Health, Rights to Life etc.

Wondering when an elected or  public officer embezzle public funds meant for every day people? Wondering how do we hold them accountable? As well, wondering why citizens are just so docile for their ownership to be carted away. Then I will say yes again to the claim, but how weak and  senseless given the approach they are using.

I mean using violence against the nation and citizens for justice? That is just so uncivilized. Whereas, there are non violent ways this issues could be raised for attention and for redress, only that when people don’t know it, they can not use it. One can not use what they don’t know.
Every person is entitled to certain rights – simply by the fact that they are human beings.  Human Rights allow individuals to be, to do and to have. These rights are for all and are to protect people from harm and hurt, especially indigent children. The Rights are also there to help people get along with each other; and ultimately live in peace. In as much as people don’t know about these rights, will there be no peace.

The society suffers for our ignorance as displayed in random self help violence across the country. So I ask a question? Who will take Human Rights message to young people in Nigeria, so peace can be? How can we resolve and break cycles of violence crimes from France to Kenya, Mexico to Italy and Malaysia to South Africa etc for global peace? Could I be the right one to answer this call? Or rather put, could it then be me and you, that should answer this call? And I realized that, we are the one. 

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Spreading Human Rights to Classroom is a concrete attempt to bringing human rights education into 25 secondary schools located in poor vulnerable communities within Kaduna States, Nigeria as pilot. Children and Young People Living for Peace is a local Nigeria NGO that will be driving this campaign. The campaign will use educational materials to explain each right as written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to school students in their respective classrooms during school time. The educational/awareness materials are flyers, stickers, posters and DVD film to create awareness, mobilize people and amplify voice of voiceless. It is to impress Human Rights knowledge on formative minds so that as they grow, they can grow up with it and become advocate for tolerance and peace.    

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