Friday, 28 October 2016

The Renaissance of Africa

Africa has been politically backward and na├»ve throughout the last century with so many atrocities, anomalies and injustices. Its children thought that, one day, things will be better, but since the era of independence dawned, the situation has remained the same, if not worst. Ills, evils and self-destructions of all kinds continue to plague the African continent. Africa has lost its natural, human and material resources to wars and massacres of innocent lives for no just reason. Coups and counter-coups have continued to play havoc with African society, take a look at it now and you will see. Should confidence have been reposed in the statements of the likes of Kwameh Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba, to the effect that Africa's problems will turn to brightness? Is there any optimism for Africa? Will African children live to see this happen? That is for renaissance. 
Image result for The Renaissance of Africa picture        We need “United State of Africa”, we need young Africa. We need youths that can drive new Africa and the search for you is on. Are you they one? The one to be asked; why Africa has remained underdeveloped. So what would be your answer? If not intolerance and lack of respect for one another; combining to invite trouble into Africa? Africans are killing each other and destroying the continent's resources all because of these thirst for power. It is enough to mention the gun rule and slaughtering of people in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and killing of innocent civilians in Cassamance (southern Senegal) among others. This indicates what is wrong with our leaders, as manifested by underdevelopment and political mayhem. With this era of political ignorance and naivety, there is more need for us, indeed the world, to rise up with one voice and see how we can rebirth Africa. It is possible.
As we entered the dawn of the new millennium, intellectual sycophants have started howling and trumpeting that it will be a millennium of African peace and development. One renowned intellectual was quoted as saying that "in the next millennium, Europeans will come to Africa as refugees." Is it not during this prelude stage of the millennium that floods occurred in Mozambique, killing hundreds of people? That hunger and starvation entered Ethiopia? That thousands died in Nigeria as a result of needless religious wars? That mass religious suicide occurred in Uganda? That the senseless land dispute heated up in Zimbabwe? And the wars in Rwanda, Cassamance and Burundi intensified? 
With these madness’s in our midst, only the insane would predict a bright future for Africa. Until socialist politics is introduced in Africa, the gloom of this "Heart of Darkness" shall continue. It’s a thought.

Written by – (Guest Blogger)
Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Founder/ CEO
Dr.Saja Taal Memorial Foundation
Banjul, Gambia.

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