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Join Youth Practitioner's Network

Youth workers are those that work to shape the lives of children and young people around the world. They work in different fields and sectors to impact and change lives. From health to education, sport and social services among others. They are asset to the world. Yet youth workers have been kept low for just too long. And is not fair. Fair that we want a better world but mindless of those shaping better world. And is it time that all youth workers/practitioners all over the world arise in unionism, and change the game.

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Youth Practitioner's  Network

Youth practitioner's Network is created to be independent and for the first time, is bringing together the voices of youth practitioners especially those doing great works in different communities to nexus with those doing lovely things at international level so that ideas can be shared, lessons learnt and skill sharpened to tackle the increasing violence extremism, radicalization, terrorism, rape, drug abuse, bullying, fraud, gender based violation and many other social vices the world is facing with.

Youth Practitioners Network is free and open membership, umbrella network of youth workers, by youths and for youths. It is administered by Youth Practitioners Council and membership is vetted by the council. The council will also regulate its membership ethics and code of conduct, while creating spaces for capacity building of its members.

OUR PLAN : To have a global umbrella of youth workers, by youth workers and for youth workers as independent organ.
OBJECTIVE: To bring together youth workers especially those at local communities and from different sectors to activate and for amplified voice.
OUR ROLE: We intend to stand in and build, develop member' capacity, create space for all, promote dignity in service and welfare, share ideas and experience and regulate its membership ethic of service.
OUR STAND: We shall work with all other similar networks and groups ,UN and Commonwealth Council etc at any times without conflicts.

Giving a helping hand

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Are you a youth worker? Come join us. Youth workers are youth development practitioners working critically in various local communities and sectors to activate, guide and direct youth-led engagements. Yet, over the years they are barely recognized on the vital role they play. We have no global network that carry every one along.  But every body plays the role and is vital.

Recognizing this and the vital role youth workers plays; is the reason we are forming an umbrella global network to be known as - Youth Practitioner' Network.
The network will bring all youth worker's voice together and amplify. 

For the first time we will be having a platform where young people after years of experience in youth-led activism can graduate to and give back to youth advancement at a higher level. Our idea is to create space for younger people in youth-program-value-chain.

Interested individuals can become a member, or be part of the formation of our team as Council member.

To become a member is easy, please send us a mail requesting for membership details on -

or click this link and fill the form

You can always like our face book page and stay updated with information. Join the movement now.

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