Monday, 2 January 2017

Sustainable future is possible

There is continuous use of fossil fuel – oil, coal and natural gas and this is posing a threat to the earth. Climate has, and is changing. Climate change is real, and is done when most developed countries hurriedly use natural resources in unsustainable ways to develop industrially. Industrial development has brought great development and advancement to humanity with attendant problem that industries are finding it difficult to solve. But the window is there, as we move into technological era. Technology is a solution to any challenges.  But unfortunately, under- developed countries are less technologically savvy, pollute less, yet are not aware of what climate change is and what it is not. Yet they will be worst hit by climate change.    
Electricity is good. It helps us light our homes, cook meals, listen to radio and makes our lives and our work easier. Transportation is good too; automobiles, railroads and airplanes facilitate our movement at ease. But electricity and transportation usually uses fossil fuels more than any, and pollutes the earth thereby causing global warming.
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Airplanes have large impact on climate system especially those flown at nights. Airplanes emits at cruising altitude high in the atmosphere. And is harmful because its triggers chemical reaction into the air.  At this time, when we need urgent step to reduce greenhouse gas emission, the aviation industry continues to grow.  Making it looks like much is not done to cut emission in line with Doha Amendment, Kyoto protocol.
Solar Impulse 2 completed first round trip flight by a solar powered airplane, after touching down in Abu Dhabi in July 2016. That is good news and is a technological breakthrough. In my view in the next ten years, I see solar powered airplanes being developed further into commercial model flights that will face out airplanes models that use fossil fuel. This technology can make the world much better and cut emission greatly by 2026.

Access and affordability of internet around the world will help in the next ten years as more people will reduce travelling and use video conferencing for meetings, and web cams. 

Electricity is made by burning fossil fuel. Some energy also comes from nuclear power and from large dams.  We need clean energy to replace the increasing use of fossil fuel, nuclear power, and energy from large dams; which lead to toxic pollution, destruction of communities and watersheds, and many serious health problems.  In my view in the next ten years, we must think and act on how we can generate energy locally which is part of clean energy. 

Clean energy can be made with few negative social, cultural, health and environmental effects. In my view in the next ten years, I see the technological development and use of renewable energy in house hold and office items like TV, radio, generators, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, smart phones etc. This will force demand against electricity, and will help reduce burning of fossil fuel.
Any technology in the next ten years that is not renewable and sustainable in the use of natural resources will not stand the test of time. Clean energy technology can save the earth for last.  See you at 2026, a dream come true.      

This article is submitted for 2017 Engage Global Competition.

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