Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Fundraising for Rape of A Minor Referral Center

What can we do for a child that is raped and traumatized for life? What can we say, when rape of minors in Nigeria has gotten to a point that six months old babies are raped? That's unimaginable but real. So do we still have to fold hands and wait? Wait for how long?

No, we can collectively do something about this to save the next child from rape if we really care. Little but helpful.Would you support a child survivor of rape that you don't even know? Please help us do more for children raped by heartless matured adults. We work for them. Support us to support them today by donating a token here- https://www.fundmie.com/product/first-aid-center-minor-victims-rape/

we count on you that much. Thank you.
#rape #charity #donation #humanity

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