Friday, 11 November 2016

Football betting and youth empowerment scam

Africans love football more than any other sport, especially among the youths. Foot ball gambling or betting is old enough in developed world where the game is played. But not in Africa where it is watched. Betting was a taboo in those days according to Africa values and culture. People were hiding to play but not these days any more. If you check 10 youths trouser pockets, you will find 8 out of the 10 youths with long teller papers of betting in their pockets.
Gambling crept into Africa through football coupon or poll as it was called. In Africa, coupon or poll were played by those the society considered hopeless. These people were mostly old rogue poor men, who played and won at times, and then loose all the other times.  They followed the game through late or early morning listener-ship to BBC radio commentaries and forecast and perm. Some dreams scores and numbers out of high typhoid and malaria and hence play and loose their hard earned monies. This is simply a game of robbing Peter to pay Paul and nothing more, nothing less. 

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Globalization has opened the game and is watched live on cable TV networks and online channels. As you know, youths have clubs they belong to as fans. They are so passionate about this clubs irrespective if  the club may knows they exist or not. They talk about their clubs every time and argue about it so much that they can fight and kill for this clubs.
Football gambling is no more coupons or poll. Today it is modernized with tech to attract younger generation and is referred to as betting. It is popular now in Africa and is no longer seen as taboo. High rate of unemployment has made it relieving to 70% population of youths that bets everyday to find hope in the game.  It embraces the educated and the uneducated, workers and jobless, skilled and unskilled, religious and faithless based people. They are all gamblers in the jungle.  “A gambler is a man who makes living out of hope” according to William Bolitho. But don’t ask me what kind of  hope?
Hope that one day his/her luck on betting will shine and make him/her a millionaire! I ask you again? How many millionaire gamblers you know. If not, I know how many THAT HAVE lost from betting and as a result attracted sadness, high BP, depression and madness, I tell you. I know of one that slumped and died, while we thought it was witchcraft from village? We only got to know that he had taken loan/ borrowed some amount of money to play the bet the other day. So which and where or how can that be witchcraft? It is the borrowing or betting that is rather witchcraft to  many.  

Sport betting companies are growing faster and are opening branches than banks and mobile telecom in Africa, everywhere you go.  In the morning, youths in thousands moves idly to sit in betting viewing centers to play betting games. This activity usually engages them and has only helped reduced petty theft in poor local communities. We see and say “boys are busy”.  But most worrisome, is that school children and women have joined in playing the game. Some women bet/play with household maintenance fees to keep the home hungry. This betting has made so many youths to quit their jobs into full time gambling.  If this betting if not tamed, it will promote laziness, blurred dreams, unwillingness for young people to work, dormancy  and quick money mentality which may not augur well for all.

The Other ones

"DO NOT INVEST YOUR LIFE SAVINGS" is what you will see once you log on to MMM website and yet people are lees concern of this warning. 
MMM is online social empowerment scheme in Nigeria that is driving so many crazy for wealth.  The scheme promises to return 30% interest on investment.  Whatever it is, is  really a scam no matter how it is colored. The scheme will only prove to be real by paying for sometimes and swindle many more when you had invested so much and least expected them to varnish like vapor.

They have done it before in Russia where it first started. Then in America where the scheme swindled Americans and  led its founder to be jail term. The scheme then moved to South Africa and was forced or pushed out of the country because of shadiness of the scheme.

Now it has moved into Nigeria and found it’s veritable because Nigeria is where many youths want to build castles in the air. By becoming a a multi millionaires without working for it. By trying luck to success.

 Despite past experience of similar scheme where people's  life’s saving, bank loans etc went away, people are yet learn. They jump at any, and you will begin to wonder why we forget so easily. I remember that central bank of Nigeria came out bold to announce that MMM is a scam, and yet people wouldn’t hear. Till they are scammed, they will then turn to blame Government for being careless.

Central Bank is the regulatory financial institution in Nigeria.  I learn that the National Assembly has moved that the Nigeria security agencies should arrest any one promoting MMM in Nigeria. But the people are kicking against it, challenging Government to provide jobs or empower them before clamping down on MMM. So I ask who is right and who is wrong? Give us your opinion now and save our souls.         


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