Monday, 28 November 2016

Together we can

Children and Young People Living for Peace aka CYPLP is a registered Not for Profit, open and voluntary membership organization in Nigeria. The organization have affiliation with Mission Del Caribe, USA. Please visit

CYPLP works with youth groups and through  local based community members to provide platforms of engagement where locales take local actions to solve local social problems in their communities. Please visit us at
This year, we collectively touched and changed lives of 10,000 young people in hard to reach places while raising them as peace vanguards. We resolved 49 youth related gang conflicts and empowered 5,000 youths and women in skills acquisition including farming. We are able to have brought back 200 drop out of schools adolescent mothers back to school. Donated meals to orphanage homes, enlightened youths on drug abuse, radicalization among others. We say thank you for supporting us.

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We will also like to do more, and ask for support on this GIVING TUESDAY if you could identify with us. And please give us a gift of one time donation of $10 to help us be of service to humanity. Your GIVING will help us do more programs; to reduce hate speech and comments online, buys schools books and bags to poorest of poor children, renovate leaking roofs of orphanages and provide clean water to those who need it most.

Your Giving is tax deductible and can be simply done. Please click the link below and follow the instruction to give now.  Use the drop down menu to locate us by
* Country – Nigeria.
*Name-Children and Young People Living for Peace

Gifts to us can be processed from over 190 nations in over 24 different currencies.
All U.S. donors can claim a tax deduction to the full extent allowed by U.S. laws.
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Thank you for giving to save lives. You are because I am, I am because you are. We are part.

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